Medical Vacuum Pumps

Aether Medical Gases provide installation, maintenance, servicing and commissioning for medical vacuum pumps, ultimately resulting in increased reliability.

Medical Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Systems

Medical vacuum pumps in hospitals are the fundamental component of suction equipment. Medical Vacuum works across a pipeline and usually maintained at a constant 450mmHg unit of pressure as standard in the UK.

Aether Medical Gases can provide all labour and materials required for a complete medical vacuum pump system installation, as well as maintenance, cleaning, testing, certification and system start-up. Equipment expertise includes vacuum pumps, receiver tanks, medical grade piping, alarm systems (local & remote), supports, valves and any other related accessories to the overall system.

Aether Medical Gases Ltd are an independent specialist company, who have a team of highly trained, experienced contract engineers and estimators. We are able to give a consulting service for any new projects and refurbishments. Combining with the supply, design, installation and commissioning of medical gas installations to latest HTM02-01 and HTM2022 standards.